Top 8 Book Releases of November 2019 Top 8 November 2019 Book Releases

I’m honestly in shock that it’s already November. Seriously, where did the year go??? My mind is still in 20-gay-teen right now (tbh I’m actually still stuck in 2012) and any time someone mentions that 2020 exists, let alone that it’s only a couple of months away, I fall right into an existential panic.

That said, there is one benefit to how fast the year is going- we are so close to being able to read all of these amazing November releases!! You definitely need to pick up some of these books before the year is over!

Read more for my top 8 most anticipated book releases of November 2019!

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*Note: These are in order of release date, not preference

8. Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan


Release Date: November 5th
: Girls of Paper and Fire #2
Page Count: 403
Genre: YA Fantasy (LGBTQ+)

Confession time… I still haven’t read Girls of Paper and Fire. I know, I’m ashamed. But the sequel is here and I’m so excited to finally start diving into this series. I mean, it’s an ownvoices, f/f fantasy series discussing very heavy but important topics- how can I not want to read it immediately?!

7. Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw

40148425. sy475

Release Date: November 5th
: N/A
Page Count: 320
Genre: YA Fantasy

This book is described as a “haunting romance” soooo yeah I’m in love. I actually was lucky enough to get an ARC of Winterwood, and I can’t wait to start reading it! This book involves a magical and mysterious forest, so you know it’ll be fun. When Nora Walker finds Oliver Huntsman in the woods during a snowstorm- weeks after he disappeared- with no memory of the time he had been missing, she must uncover the truth about how he survived in the forest, and the secrets he’ll do anything to keep buried.

6. The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White


Release Date: November 5th
: Camelot Rising #1
Page Count: 352
Genre: YA Fantasy Retelling (King Arthur)

Kiersten White is taking a break from her darker books to delve into the magical world of Camelot and King Arthur. This retelling follows Princess Guinevere as she goes to Camelot to marry a stranger that she must protect from those who want to see him fail. However, while keeping him safe, she must also keep a secret- that she is a changeling. I’m currently reading this and absolutely loving it, although I’m definitely dreading reaching the end and having to wait for the sequel!!

5. The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

43575115. sy475

Release Date: November 5th
: N/A
Page Count: 512
Genre: Fantasy *NOT YA*
[ Check out my review for Erin Morgenstern’s previous novel: The Night Circus! ]

After The Night Circus, I will read anything and everything Erin Morgenstern writes. The Starless Sea follows Zachary Rawlins, a graduate student who discovers a mysterious book where he finds a story from his own childhood. Desperate to understand how this book included a story from his life, he finds a series of clues that lead him to an ancient library that holds more than he could imagine. Also, did I mention this book is LGBTQ+? Because it is, and it’s very important to me that you know that.

4. Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater


Release Date: November 5th
: Dreamer #1
Page Count: 448
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy / Magical Realism
[ Check out my review for the book that started it all: The Raven Boys! ]

The long awaited Ronan trilogy is here! If you’ve read The Raven Cycle, then you might be familiar with Ronan Lynch, a dreamer who can take items from his dreams and bring them into our reality. This series follows him, as well as Jordan Hennessy, a thief who is after a dream object, and Carmen Farooq-Lane, a hunter who has seen firsthand the damage dreamers can do. I can’t wait to see where Maggie Stiefvater takes this new series!! (As long as she doesn’t hurt any of my favorite characters)(If any of the gangsey get hurt I will riot).

3. The Sky Weaver by Kristen Ciccarelli

35843942. sx318

Release Date: November 12th
: Iskari #3
Page Count: 400
Genre: YA Fantasy
[ Review Coming Soon! Also, stay tuned this week for information about a giveaway! In the meantime, check out my review for the first book in this series: The Last Namsara. ]

The Iskari series is so underrated and it has become my life’s mission is to make everyone love it as much as I do. The final book in the trilogy comes out this month, and I am so excited!!! If you like dragons, stories, beautiful writing, complex mythology, romance, and diverse YA fantasy books, then you need to pick up this series. This is a companion series, so each book can be read as a standalone (and you don’t even need to read them in order), but I definitely recommend reading all of them in order if you can. This final book centers around a f/f enemies-to-lovers relationship soooo y’all really need to jump on this!!

2. Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao

38205707. sy475

Release Date: November 19th
: Blood Heir #1
Page Count: 496
Genre: YA Fantasy Retelling (Anastasia)

If you were on booktwitter in this past year, at all, then you probably heard about Blood Heir. It was extremely hyped, but after some controversy that I won’t go into right now, the author pulled it from being published so she could make important changes. I highly recommend you look into all of the details on this book yourself, because there is a lot of information and I’m definitely not the best person to share it all. That said, after a rocky start, Blood Heir is finally hitting shelves this month! This book is a fantasy retelling of Anastasia (you can tell I’m already going to be trash for this), following Anastacya Mikhailov, the crown princess with a deadly secret. She had an Affinity to blood, a gift that is dangerous and reviled in the Cyrilian Empire. When she is framed for her father’s murder, she must flee and try to clear her name, with the help of the one person corrupt enough to help her navigate the world beyond the palace.

1. The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

26032912. sy475

Release Date: November 19th
: The Folk of the Air #3
Page Count: 300
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy (Fae)
[ Check out my review for the first two books in this series! ]

It’s finally here! The Queen of Nothing is probably my most anticipated release of the year. I was dying after that ending to The Wicked King, and desperate for the final book. Luckily, queen Holly heard our prayers and didn’t make us wait a full year to find out what will happen! I can’t wait to start reading The Queen of Nothing, but I’m also so sad that this series is coming to a close. If you haven’t already picked up The Cruel Prince, what are you doing??? Go read it!! This series is too good to miss!

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What is your most anticipated November release?

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November 2019 Releases Pinterest graphic. Includes: The Starless Sea, The Queen of Nothing, Call Down the Hawk, The Guinevere Deception, Girls of Storm and Shadow, Blood Heir, Winterwood, and The Sky Weaver.

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