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  • Is the Sequel to Neon Gods as Good as the First? (Electric Idol Review)

    My Thoughts: This book had me addicted. From the entertaining and dynamic characters, to the various twists and turns in the plot, I couldn’t put it down.

    About the Book: Electric Idol is a retelling of the story of Psyche and Eros, in a modern setting. Eros is Aphrodite’s fixer, there to get rid of anyone she deems a problem. Psyche is Demeter’s daughter and the current target of Aphrodite’s anger. When Aphrodite sends Eros after Psyche’s heart, he and Psyche need to find a way for both of them to survive the encounter, and everything that comes after.

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  • Coronavirus Erotica Holiday Special- Yes You Read That Right (Kissing the Coronavirus 4: Covid Claus is Coming to Town Review)

    We will never know peace. The Kissing the Coronavirus series is back with a new installment, Covid Claus is Coming to Town. If you’re familiar with this series, then I think you know what to expect. If you aren’t… I envy you.I recommend leaving now before you learn things you will never be able to forget. […]


  • These Hollow Vows By Lexi Ryan – Fae, Romance, And Betrayal (REVIEW)

    My Thoughts: I was really excited for These Hollow Vows, and while it didn’t live up to all of my hopes, I still left it eager for the sequel.

    About the Book: These Hollow Vows follows Abriella, who is determined to save her sister after the Unseelie King buys her. How can she do it? She must infiltrate the Seelie court, pretending to be a potential bride for the prince, and steal three items from them, for the Unseelie King. Meanwhile, the Unseelie prince has plans of his own, and could use Abriella on his side as well.

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  • The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid – Dark & Unforgettable (Review)

    My Thoughts: It’s official. I’m adding this book to my “books I will not shut up about” list.

    About the Book: The Wolf and the Woodsman follows Evike, a magic-less pagan woman with a Yehuli father, making her an outcast in her village. When the Holy Order of the Woodsman comes to take a pagan girl as a sacrifice, her village betrays her and volunteers her to be taken. But, on the journey to the palace, she and the Woodsmen are attacked, leaving only her and the captain alive. But he isn’t who she originally thought. The two of them are forced to rely on each other to survive, but as they journey together, they realize they do have something in common: their desire to prevent the cruel prince from taking the throne.

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