The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – The Perfect Start to Summer! (Review)

Overall: 5/5 Stars
Characters: 5/5
Setting: 5/5
Writing: 5/5
Plot and Themes: 5/5
Awesomeness Factor: 4/5
Review in a Nutshell: The Unhoneymooners is the perfect romance to get you ready for summer, with great chemistry, and tropical paradise, and memorable characters.

“That’s the whole point of luck, isn’t it? You have to trust that it’s not fleeting.”

[The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren book cover. It's yellow, tropical, with a tucan. I don't think tucan's are from Hawaii but okay. There's also some red flowers and green palm leaves. ]

Content Warning: Body Shaming

– Premise –

The Unhoneymooners follows Olive, who suffers from the worst possible luck. Meanwhile, her twin sister Ami, wins everything, including a contest for a nonrefundable free honeymoon in Maui. When some bad seafood leads to almost everyone at Ami’s wedding getting food poisoning, only Olive and her sworn enemy, Ethan, are left unscathed. Ami insists they take her vacation, but will Olive and Ethan be able to keep up the charade of happy newlyweds and not kill each other? 

”I can appreciate my body in a bikini and still want to set fire to the patriarchy.”

– Writing & Setting-

I think I’ve said this before, but I really really really love Christina Lauren books!! They’re my addiction. Every time they have a new book out, I drop everything to read it. Their writing style is just absolutely perfect. It’s funny, cute, and full of heart. This book is no exception. Not to mention- this book takes place in Hawaii, AKA my favorite place in the universe. My brother lives on Oahu and I look for any excuse to visit him and see the island. Reading this book made me feel like I was back in the one place in the world that I would suffer an 11 hour flight for. And I didn’t even have to get on a plane, so this is a win for me. 

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– Plot –

I feel like Christina Lauren somehow read my mind and decided to write a book using all of my favorite tropes (and setting). Hate to love? Check. Fake dating? Check. Only one bed? Check. There’s even more that I can’t mention because it’s too spoilery, but trust me, this has everything. The plot itself moves fast. I couldn’t put it down, there was so much amazingness happening and I had to keep reading. While sometimes it can be a little predictable, due to the tropes and just the conventions of the genre to begin with, the crazy antics and adorable moments make up for it.

– Characters – 

The quality of a romance really comes down to the characters, and man are these characters great. Olive is such a great main character, self-confident, caring, and passionate. Her development in this book is done really well, having her confronting her flaws to get her happy ending. Ethan is another interesting character. I don’t want to say to much about him because his character is best unraveled when reading. I just love him, okay? Meanwhile, there are some side characters (some I loved, and some I loved to hate), but most of this book revolves around the main couple, which I am more than okay with.

”The problem with lying about relationships is that humans are fickle, fickle creatures.”

– Conclusion –

Pros- Cute, fun, amazing setting
Cons- A little predictable 
Overall- 5/5 stars. 
Listen, nothing can top my favorite Christina Lauren book, Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating, but damn if The Unhoneymooners doesn’t come close. This book was exactly what I hoped it would be.

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This book really got me in the mood for contemporary romance. What are some of your favorite romances that you would recommend?

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