My Reading Plans (and I made a Tiktok)

It’s been a while.

I’m sure I don’t need to talk about how crazy the world is right now. We all have been witnessing everything first hand. All I will say: while I’ve reached levels of boredom I never thought possible, it’s so important that we follow medical professional’s advice during this crisis.

But that doesn’t mean we have to be miserable!

My school is online for the rest of the semester, and my job is closed at least until the end of the month, so I suddenly have more free time.

How am I spending it?

Reading. No surprises there.

And tiktok, but we’ll get to that later.
Also Animal Crossing but I’m not here to talk about that

Read more for my quarantine TBR (I can’t believe those are actual words I’m saying), and the story behind my Tiktok.

Also, if you came here from tiktok, hi! Thank you for checking out my blog! Read more if you want more details on what I do here!

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I’m really hoping to use this time to catch up on the books I have to read, and while I’m at it, finally get to some books I’ve had to put aside. So, here are the 6 books I’m hoping to get to (this list may expand or shrink depending on how long this quarantine lasts):


So, I created a bookish tiktok a few months ago, but didn’t really begin posting until the end of February. And last week, one of my tiktoks blew up.

I’m not sure thats the right word, but it felt like it blew up to me.

I got over 200k views on that one video, and went from 105 followers to 15k and climbing. In one week.

In response, I’ve been posting more and more over there! Which makes now a good time to let you know that my username is @caitsbooks (I’m not creative).

It’s been an insanely surreal experience, but in the best way. It’s given me a new outlet to talk to so many other booknerds, and share recommendations and fangirl over our favorite books. But don’t worry, this will in no way effect my blog. I’m getting back to my normal posting schedule this week (starting with a review of The Shadows Between Us, one of my most anticipated releases of the year!)

If you found this blog from my tiktok, first of all, hi! I just wanted to give you guys a brief list of things you can expect to see here:

  • Book Reviews
    I review ARCs and finished copies of YA & adult books! But mostly YA. All my reviews include a star rating, a breakdown of the rating, some details on why I decided on that rating, quotes, and similar books!
  • Book Recommendations
    If you came from tiktok, then this shouldn’t be a surprise haha. I like to make lists and slideshows recommending different books! I’ll do them based on genres, tropes, or based on books they’re similar to.
  • Discussions
    I like to talk about different topics relevant to the book community, as well as writing.
  • Author Interviews, Guest Posts, & more!

I hope you decide to stay after this! If you want to, you can follow by entering your email on the sidebar or, if you have a WordPress account, click the follow button! Even if you’re just passing by, thank you for taking the time to read this❤

What’s next up on your TBR?

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