Bullet Journaling: A Bookworm’s Guide to Getting Started

Bullet journals have really grown in popularity in the past couple of years, and whenever I looked at those amazing pictures on instagram and pintrest, I would get so intimidated. I have no artistic talent, and no creativity, plus I’m a perfectionist. So basically, the worst combination for a bullet journaler. I never let myself try it, because I was so afraid I would be bad at it.

Well, in December 2018, I decided to try it anyways. No one else would know, but me, so if I failed spectacularly, only I would witness it.

I’ve been bullet journaling for about six months now, so I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned, and my advice for beginners. And since this is a book blog, I’ve also included pictures of some of my bookish spreads!

This will be an overview of sorts, so if you want specific tutorials on how I did any of these spreads, let me know!

How to Get Started

1. Get Supplies

Everything I use for my journal, I got off Amazon. The journal itself is a Minimalism Art dotted journal (. If you’re just starting- dotted journals are the best for bullet journaling!
The pens I use are Pigma Micron fineliners. The variety pack with multiple thicknesses is super useful for beginners! I also use Pigma Brush pens for handlettering. As for markers, I got a pack of Crayola SuperTips and they are perfect! You really don’t need expensive markers if you’re looking to do spreads like mine.

2. Watch Tutorials & Look For Inspiration

When I first started, I learned everything I could about bullet journaling by watching youtube videos! I really recommend AmandaRachLee’s channel. That’s where I got most of my inspiration for a lot of my themes, and how I figured out what to buy.

3. Experiment

Bullet journaling is about having fun and expressing yourself! Don’t fret about making every line perfect. Just have fun, and do what you want. If you make mistakes, you can always fix it!

My Spreads

I really want to show how I’ve progressed, so these are all in chronological order.

This first slideshow includes all of my first spreads. I was just learning hand lettering, so they’re far from perfect. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to use colors in my journal yet, so I kept it monochrome.

As I started getting more comfortable, I started introducing color! I’m skipping over January, because that spread was boring with no theme or color, but I’ll show you February and March. I won’t show you all of the pages, otherwise we’d be here all day and they get a little repetitive, but here are some of my favorites.

And now into more recent work! May and April are both two month’s I’m really proud of. I’m no longer afraid of color, and I’ve slowly discovered what I like and what I find useful.

And now, onto some months that I haven’t finished. In case you want to see what a work in progress looks like:

Now, the actual planner part of bullet journaling is fun and all, but my real favorite part of it is quote pages. I’m obsessed with book quotes, and as you can tell, I always try to write down quotes that stick with me. If you’re as obsessed with quotes as I am, quote pages are a great way to get you excited about bullet journaling. Here’s two of my favorites:

And that’s my bullet journal journey so far. I’m excited to keep creating new spreads and finding new themes to try. Do you guys bullet journal? Are there any bookish quotes I’m missing in mine (I’m looking for any excuse to do another quote page)?

Let me know below, and if you have any questions about bullet journaling, ask away!

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