8 Things Every Book Collector Has Heard

From knowing all of the employees of your local bookstore, to spending way too much of your money on the latest releases and special editions, there are a lot of things book collector’s all have in common, including constantly hearing these same things:

1. Haven’t you heard of a library?

Yes. Yes, I have. In fact, I work at one. I just also happen to want to have my own.

2. Why don’t you get a kindle?

I have a kindle, but nothing can replace actually holding the book, turning the pages, and of course, staring at it for far too long after you finish it.

3. Why are you buying more books when you still haven’t read (insert title here)?!

Because I have no self control. If I’m already going to die under the weight of my TBR, I might as well add more books to it.

4. How many of your books have you actually read?

More than you.
While I may have a lot still unread, at least I know I’ll never be stuck without a book to read.

5. You shouldn’t spend that much money on books when you have so many you haven’t read yet.

And you shouldn’t waste my time telling me what to do, but here you are doing it anyway.
I can manage my own finances. If you’re not my accountant, you don’t need to worry about how I spend the money I earn.

6. What do you mean you have nothing to read? Look at all the books you own!

Yes but I don’t feel like reading those books. I’ve either already read them, or I’m avoiding reading them because of a very specific reason, or I’m just not in the mood for that genre.

7. Don’t you already have a copy of that book?

Yes, but it’s one of my favorites, and look! This one has a slightly different cover! I clearly need it.

8. No one reads anymore.

*eye twitches*

What are some things people always tell you when you talk about your books?

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