Book Releases

This sheet is updated monthly to include all of the upcoming releases on my radar. This does not include every single release coming out, but instead just the ones I’m excited for. Columns E-H are for my own personal cataloging, so you can ignore those.

Books I’ve Read

On this sheet, I list all of the books I’ve read each year. You can go back and view all of my reading from 2014 to now (however the older sheets are not as well-formatted). I also include the genre, tropes, my rating, and I am currently working on adding trigger warnings as well.

If you want a blank template for your personal use, click here! If you use this, let me know!! I love seeing other people enjoy the spreadsheets I make.

Book Catalogue

A lot of people have asked for this sheet, and I’m working on it! This sheet will list every single book I own. It is still a work in progress, but as it is right now, you can see 90% of the titles I have in my collection.

Book Hauls

This sheet exists to help me keep track of how many books I’m buying per month, and plan my spending. However, it could be interesting to you if you want to see which books I’m planning on buying in the future that aren’t out yet, or if you’d like to make a copy and track your own book buying.

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