I love being organized and having schedules, so I thought you guys may want to see my plans and understand when/how I post!

My schedule will vary depending on the month, how the days fall, and what I feel like doing, however, there are a few things that remain constant:

First of the Month: Reading Wrap Up (For Previous Month)
Second the Last Day of Month: Next Month’s Releases
Last Day of the Month: Next Month’s TBR

For my typical day-to-day schedule, I have reviews weekly, and a few other posts that I will do monthly if possible.

Tuesdays: Book Review! (Weekly)
Thursdays: Recommendations (Twice a month), Cover Change Corner (Once a month)
Saturdays: Book Review! (Weekly)
Sundays: Laia Recommends (Supposed to be twice a month, but sometimes Laia doesn’t cooperate)

I hope that makes sense to people who aren’t me. I’ll also post randomly during the month, but this is the typical schedule I follow!