Updated: 7/01/20


On TikTok, I post daily (usually twice a day, or more), and I go live 3 times a week. My livestream schedule is:

Tuesdays, 8:00pm EST
Thursdays, 8:00pm EST
Sundays, 6:00pm EST

I will also go live randomly throughout the week. To check if I’m planning on going live at any point soon, check the Discord (#livestreams) & in the comment section of my most recent TikTok!


Blogging schedules have become more of a theory than something I actually listen to.

That said, I technically have one! There are two types of posts I always try to post every month:

First of the Month: Last Month’s Favorites & Next Month’s TBR

Second to the Last Day of Month: Next Month’s Releases

However, I also post other, more frequent posts, which consist of:

Tuesdays & Saturdays: Book Review! (Weekly)

Thursdays: Recommendations, Cover Change Corner, Interviews, Discussions (Randomly)

There may be other posts shared sporadically throughout the month, but this is what you can typically expect from me!

- cait

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