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Young Adult books are probably my most-reviewed age range. I review all genres, from contemporary to sci-fi to fantasy, and everything in between!

New Adult

New Adult books are books for readers in their late teens and 20s. It serves as a bridge between YA books and Adult books.


I’m in the process of reading more and more adult books. Expect to see plenty of romance and fantasy reviews!

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Is the Sequel to Neon Gods as Good as the First? (Electric Idol Review)

My Thoughts: This book had me addicted. From the entertaining and dynamic characters, to the various twists and turns in the plot, I couldn’t put it down. About the Book: Electric Idol is a retelling of the story of Psyche and Eros, in a modern setting. Eros is Aphrodite’s fixer, there to get rid of…

These Hollow Vows By Lexi Ryan – Fae, Romance, And Betrayal (REVIEW)

My Thoughts: I was really excited for These Hollow Vows, and while it didn’t live up to all of my hopes, I still left it eager for the sequel. About the Book: These Hollow Vows follows Abriella, who is determined to save her sister after the Unseelie King buys her. How can she do it? She…

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