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Review Policy

My Reviews

My reviews are always my honest opinion. Every review includes a rating on a scale of 1-5 stars for the book overall, as well as for the writing, setting, characters, plot & themes, and what I refer to as “awesomeness factor” which is the book’s individuality or how memorable it is. I also include an image of the cover, a brief synopsis, and links to the Goodreads page and Amazon page (if applicable). If it is an ARC or galley, I will also include the release date.

All reviews will also be posted to Goodreads , Tumblr, and Amazon in addition to here at Cait’s Books. If you have a specific website you would also like the review to be posted on, please include it in your request.


I prefer to review Young Adult or New Adult novels. I typically reach for fantasy and sci-fi novels, as well as romances and LGBTQ+ or #ownvoices reads.  If you’re wondering if your book is one I would read, I would recommend looking at previous reviews of mine to get a sense of what I prefer.


I accept:

  • ARC or Galley
  • Finished Copy
  • eBook (Kindle, PDF, EPUB, and via Netgalley)

All review copies received will not be sold or distributed in any way.

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