Favorite January Reads & February TBR – Tessa Dare took over my life

January 2020 was a year on it’s own. Finally, February is here, and with is, much to do. The semester has officially started for me, but that won’t stop me from getting to my towering TBR.

I actually managed to read quite a bit back in January. I finished 11 books, and hopefully I’ll be able to do the same in February. Today, I’m going to talk about my favorites of those 11 January books, and what books I’ll hope to love in February.

Read more to see my favorite reads of January, plus my February TBR!

My January Favorites

I would just like to say, I killed my January TBR. Like, damn! I read almost everything on that list (save one, which I purposefully put off so I’m not ashamed). Of all of the books I read last month, here are my favorites:

The Beast of Beswick (Everleigh Sisters #1) by Amalie Howard

Rating: 4.5 Stars

So, this and My Fake Rake is all to blame for the romance binge I had in January. The combination of those two books made me want to delve into the genre once more. This book was just such a fun Beauty and the Beast retelling that it made me only want to read more!

A Week to Be Wicked (Spindle Cove #2) by Tessa Dare

Rating: 5 Stars

And read more I did. I’ve previously read the first three books in Tessa Dare’s Castles Ever After series, and I really liked them, so I decided to continue reading more of her books. A Week to Be Wicked is the second novel in her Spindle Cove series, and I just really loved the two main characters and their dynamic.

Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove #4) by Tessa Dare

Rating: 5 Stars

Another Spindle Cove book! This series was just way too much fun, and in this book I especially enjoyed the depth of our hero and his backstory. It was just really well done, and I think it may be my favorite of the series.

Do You Want to Start a Scandal (Spindle Cove #5, Castles Ever After #4)

Rating: 5 Stars

Actually, never mind, this one may be my favorite. I actually started with this book, because I didn’t realize at first it was even connected to Spindle Cove, I was just wanting to continue the Castles Ever After series. I just really loved our heroine, Charlotte. She was so fun to read about, and I loved her even more after actually reading the Spindle Cove books and knowing more of her background.

I don’t have reviews for any of these book– yet. I may try to do a big “I read 9 Tessa Dare novels in a month and here’s what I thought” type post soon, so stay on the lookout for that!

If you want to see everything I’ve read, be sure to add me as a friend on goodreads!! I’m on there quite a lot, and all of my reviews get posted there a little earlier than they do here!!

My February TBR

I’ve already gotten a good start on my February TBR- by February 5th, I’ve read: Lord Dashwood Missed Out, Once Upon A Winter’s Eve, The Wallflower Wager, and The Queen’s Assassin. That said, I still have quite a few books on my TBR for this month.

*I will be participating in the Blog Tours for these books, check out Fantastic Flying Book Club for more details!

What’s on your February TBR?
Also, I’m running out of Tessa Dare books to read. What are your favorite regency or fantasy romance authors?

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