Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller – ARC Review

*All quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to change. *


Overall: 4.5/5 Stars
Characters: 4/5
Setting: 5/5
Writing: 4.5/5
Plot and Themes: 4.5/5
Awesomeness Factor: 4.5/5
Review in a Nutshell: Warrior of the Wild is an addictive read. While it might have lacked some of the magic of Tricia Levenseller’s previous series, it still stole my heart.

“‘A man who finds his masculinity threatened by a powerful woman is no man at all,’ he says. ‘You want someone who lifts you up, not tries to bring you down.’”

// Content Warning: Violence, Death, Abuse, Assault, Rape Mention (very brief), Human Sacrifice (brief)//

“Surely an immortal cannot be killed.”

– Premise –

Warrior of the Wild follows Rasmira, the daughter of the Seravin village leader. On the day of her trial to become a warrior, she is betrayed by someone she trusted and banished from her village. However, she may return if she completes her mattugr. Except, mattugrs are designed to be impossible, and a suicide mission at best, and hers is no exception. She is tasked with killing the god that has been threatening her village for centuries or die trying.

“My soul has worth, and I won’t let it depart this world just yet.”

– Writing & Setting-

Tricia Levenseller’s writing style was good. It was straightforward and compelling, but it did lack some of the magic that her first series had. I wasn’t as drawn in as I was with Daughter of the Pirate King. That said, this was still very well-written. Meanwhile, the setting in this book was really interesting. Despite being a fantasy novel, the worldbuilding never felt heavy and hard to wade through, yet still vivid and compelling. I also loved the differences between each of the villages and the Viking inspiration behind it all. Tricia Levenseller has a gift in making me want to read more in the worlds she creates, because of how vast and unique she makes them.

“It’s not about giving in to the first boy who ever acted interested. It’s about being interested in the boy who is finally worth it.”

– Plot –

The pacing was fast, almost to a fault, where the ending felt a little rushed. If you want some somewhat-spoilery specifics, check out my goodreads review where I hid it in a spoiler tag. The plot was interesting, with plenty of action and a somewhat-surprising yet believable twist. I admit, I did see the twist coming, but it was so satisfying to see it play out! The romance was also predictable but the author made its inevitability funny and called it out, so it was easy to forgive (gotta love lampshading).

“‘I just think it should be pointed out that you’re a fierce warrior woman and I’m a fierce warrior man, so we should spend some time together.’
I cocked my head to the side. ‘I found you broken and bleeding on the ground.’
‘I was… having an off day.’”

– Characters – 

The characters were all interesting and well-rounded, something Tricia Levenseller is amazing at. Rasmira was a strong female protagonist, who defies gender roles even at the expense of losing her relationship with her mother. Her dynamic with her family and her personal growth were both parts of the book I really enjoyed. Sorren was a great love interest (which, like I said, isn’t a spoiler because oh my god its so obvious that even the characters mention it when they first meet), loyal to a fault and I loved how annoying yet endearing he was. He was honestly just so preciousIric was another great character. His sass made every scene 10 times better, and he added so much humor to the book. Also, yay LGBTQ+ rep! 

“Each scar marks me as a survivor. A warrior of the wild.” 

– Conclusion –

Pros- Fast pace, fascinating world, interesting mythology
Cons- A little rushed 
Overall- 4.5/5 stars. 
Warrior of the Wild is the perfect quick read if you’re looking for a fun fantasy to transport you to a world of warriors and monsters.

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    • I was just lucky enough to get a copy at NY Comic Con back in October haha. This was one of my most anticipated releases because of how much I loved Daughter of the Pirate King. If you liked that series, I think you’ll definitely like this one (although nothing will ever compare to Alosa & Riden ❤)


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