Cover Change Corner – Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
US Hardcover (2012) vs US Hardcover & Paperback (2013)
US Collectors Edition (2018)

The seventh and final Throne of Glass novel is coming out on Tuesday and I am so excited! I can’t believe this incredible journey is coming to an end. While this series does have its flaws, it is still one of my absolute favorites (check out my reviews for more!)

I thought it was only fitting to go down memory lane and take a look at the original cover. Both the original cover and the redesign have Celaena front and center, but I personally prefer how the redesign looks. I never like people on the covers of books, it usually just feels cringy. The redesign manages to have that epic fantasy feel and the art style is beautifully realistic yet not too realistic, avoiding that awkward look the first edition had.

tog new2


I also really appreciate the backs of the redesign. While the front cover shows Celaena being completely badass with her swords drawn, the back shows a bit of that her girliness with her in a gorgeous gown. I love that they didn’t erase this part of her personality, and allowed her to be both feminine and terrifying.



tog ce2

There’s also a beautiful collectors edition coming out that I absolutely adore and already preordered. It comes in a cloth case with the title on one side and a beautiful foil sword on the other. The cover itself also has gold foil and metallic sprayed edges!! There is nothing I love more than a book with sprayed edges. Honestly, this edition is looking so gorgeous and I’m blown away.



Which cover is your favorite? Also, what cover changes do you want me to talk about next?

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